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Character Construction

free-form character

This is a little thought about how character construction might avoid all the unbalancing issues and associated garbage of splat-book creep while allowing access to any type of character

First the player produces 2 paragraphs of description of the character with 3 concepts embedded to describe the character’s attributes

concepts might be-
  • fast moving
  • Brimming with wrath
  • arcane casting
  • A well of peace & serenity
  • steeped in necromancy
  • physically toughened
  • schooled in transcendental meditation
  • heavily armoured
  • quiet and un-obtrusive
  • filled with holy radiance

It would be possible to ascribe the “ludicrous” or “insanely” modifier to one of these concepts per character to push them to their limits, however the character will need to be balanced, obviously. The Flash and the agents in the matrix are insanely fast for example.

then the GM asks a qualifier: this is a sort of limiter –so the character is superbly skilled with a sword- not other weapons? And did he get that skill on the battle field or in a training hall? Generally examining how a character arrived at those capabilities will limit them. Generally 2 questions with 2 options each.

After reviewing the qualifier the GM poses the balancer: so your character has gained a peak of skill with swords and a few other common weapons due to constant exposure to a hostile environment where he/she has had to fight for life on a daily basis- so it would be fair to say that your character has not the skills to negotiate peaceful resolutions and has such little social influence in the wider scheme of things as to be constantly on the “front line” and in fact has been a merciless if lucky killer for a decade, his/her hands soaked in blood, having given little thought to change or redemption for endless murders at someone else’s orders…

The GM then assesses the choices and either asks for a set of example stats or submits a draft d20 set of stats. These are aimed at a mid range ECL/CR 10 however the actual bonuses may go off heavily in one direction or another. The player then berates the GM and the stats get a concessional bump :)

By stats this includes hit points, save bonuses, touch armour class, with appropriate descriptors of where the bonuses come from- ie a +2 profane bonus to will saves, a +1 insight bonus to armour class. Trying to avoid un-named bonuses.

Comments suggestions ideas rotten tomatoes?



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