Adamant Apex


After some thought I have discovered that the aim of this page is to develop both setting ideas (recording relevant crunch as I go) and rules//structure.

It seems that Iron Heroes addresses a problem- the intrusion of magical items and spell buffs into the role-playing environment in DnD 3.5, where they have become something required by the system for balance as it stands.

Well. I agree this a problem. And a solution where the PC’s number’s get a bump adds drama and feeds the inner munchkin. And I agree that more feats provides character variables beyond classes. However. The bigger the numbers the slower the math. Sure stunts are a great idea. Skill groups however are maybe not so great. Magical items having drawbacks or being really rare. Tick. Not having to calculate whether the following stack

  • cloak of charisma
  • persistent eagles splendour
  • circlet of persuasion
  • motivate charisma aura
  • assist skill from another PC
  • skill focus diplomacy
  • 1/2 elf racial bonus
  • persuasive
  • honeyed tongue (from urban vestige)
  • collar of diplomacy (add +5 to a skill like boots do to move silently)

...I mean really…if they do stack that’s an effective +31 to the skill.. mind you that would be a marshal 1, binder 7 but hey..



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